About Evolution Combat Club

At Evolution Combat Club, we cross train Muay Thai, western boxing, and wrestling, along with submission grappling and mixed martial arts. By incorporating all of these disciplines together, we strive to create a fighting style which effectively addresses all aspects of unarmed combat.

As the name states, we are a club, dedicated to training and improving our physical and mental well-being. Our goal is to provide a safe and friendly environment, a martial arts laboratory, if you will, to train techniques with realistic feedback. Martial artists from all styles are welcome to come and cross train with us.


About The Staff

Doug Cota- Head Coach and Coordinator

Doug Cota is the coordinator and head coach at the Evolution Combat Club. He is a WMTC certified Muay Thai instructor, a USA Boxing certified level 1 coach, a certified PDT instructor, a Mushin Ru Dou Jiu jitsu and Shingitai Jiu Jitsu Black belt, an ESP RAW associate coach, a former Kioto Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor, and a level 1 certified CACC scientific wrestler, as well as a licensed NJ state MMA corner and manager, a USKBA and NJ state athletic control board certified official, a Crossfit/Tactical Athlete certified kettlebell instructor, an ISSA certified PFT and a NYS licensed EMT.