Evolution Combat Club Rules

Welcome to the Evolution Combat Club! Our goal here is to create a safe and friendly environment to learn, train, and exchange ideas. The club is open to all martial artists of all levels, to serve as a laboratory to compare and improve, and ultimately to assist its members to evolve and to grow.

club rules:

1. Tuition is due on the first day of each month. Tuition received after the 10th of the month will be deemed late and subjected to a $10 late fee.

2. Please be on time and prepared to train for each class. Students are required to have all necessary equipment for each class. Proper attire must be worn for all classes, no jewelry. All members are required to wear Evolution Combat Club shirts. Members may wear wrestling shoes, and either shorts, sweats or gi pants.

3. Members are required to maintain a high standard of hygiene. Uniform and equipment must be clean and in good working order. Hair should be free of styling products, including sprays or gels - long hair must be kept up and nails are to be trimmed. Any skin conditions or rashes must be properly covered to prevent contaminating mats, equipment and training partners.

4. Members are required to conduct themselves in a safe and courteous manner at all times, both in and out of the gym. Any student who attempts to intentionally injure another person or found to be engaged in any unsanctioned street fighting or any type of illegal violent behavior will be immediately expelled from the club and shall forfeit any tuition paid.

5. Members will train in accordance with their own level of experience. Members are encouraged to participate in sparring activities; however, no member will be compelled to engage in any activity, which he/she feels to be unsafe, or feels they are unprepared for.

6. All members are strongly encouraged to assist other members who are training for a fight or competition. This may include drilling, sparring, padwork, etc. However, members are not expected to engage in activities beyond their own capabilities.


*Mouthpiece Shin Guards Chest Protector (women)
*Groin Protector Head Gear Elbow Pads
*16oz Leather Boxing Gloves Wrestling Shoes Ear Guards
*MMA Gloves Knee Pads

*Mandatory Equipment